VIOLET WOODS | Parfum Botanique - violet, orris root, soft woods

VIOLET WOODS | Parfum Botanique - violet, orris root, soft woods

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A layered scent of leaf and petal violet,
And wood soft, scent of quiet
Wanderings with footsteps
Swallowed by the forest floor.

Violet Woods begins with the fresh, pastoral scent of violets plucked from the cottage garden, leaves still strewn with morning dew. The delicate aroma of the petals follows, soft and powdery, like a tin of candied pastilles or pressed powder in an ornate vintage compact — whisper-soft, but powerfully nostalgic.

In its dry-down, this fragrance reveals a base of precious woods as pleasant to the nose as cashmere to the skin; comforting, rich, and warm. A bucolic springtime promenade in a bottle.

Featured Notes: violet leaf and petals · orris root · tonka bean · sandalwood · rosewood · agarwood

Aspects: green · powdery · woody · delicate floral

The Ritual: Roll the desired amount onto pulse points (wrists, crooks of the arms, neck, décolletage, etc) and allow to air dry. Store in cool, dry areas or within its case after use.

Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Coconut Oil, Fractionated), Natural Fragrance/Parfum (Essential Oils, Absolutes, CO2s, and Plant Extracts).

10ml in an amethyst glass bottle with a glass roller ball, encased in a portable matte black tube.