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A Guide to Oil Cleansing

a nourishing cleanse for all skin types

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The Ritual

Oil cleansing can benefit all skin types – even oily skin!

“Like attracts like” – the oils you use to cleanse with, bind and dissolve the oils, dirt, sunscreen and make-up on your skin.

Many conventional cleansers can strip your skin of bacteria (good and bad) and disrupt the protective barrier, which can lead to breakouts and excess oil production. Oils on the other hand offer a deep cleanse while nourishing and protecting the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and soft.

Oil cleansing is best performed once a day – at night. It is the absolute best method for removing make up and is such a relaxing ritual at the end of the day. For a morning cleanse (if necessary), we usually recommend something light and gentle to refresh and wake up the skin like one of our gentle foaming face washes that won't strip the skin, or a quick wipe using toner/face mist and a reusable facial round.