Butterfly Safety Razor (extra long handle)

Butterfly Safety Razor (extra long handle)

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The Albatross Extra-Long Butterfly razor is built with the same components as our regular sized Flagship razors with a longer handle.  Why? Well, some people just like the long handle. Others say it's easier to shave their legs or their heads with the extra-long handle. It's a matter of preference!

This razor is not just absolutely beautiful; it performs flawlessly. The Flagship Extra-Long razor is highly polished to ensure long lasting protection from any potential corrosion.    

This razor also features a subtle etching of our company name and logo.  Key Highlights:

  • For MEN AND WOMEN & all shaving needs 
  • Butterfly Style
  • Over-built components for durability
  • High-polished finish to protect from corrosion
  • Zero Plastic Waste
  • Comes with 10 free blades and hemp razor bag
  • ~4.75" in length