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Become a GCE Rewards member by creating an account on our website

You'll need a minimum of 250 points to redeem for $10 off your order

250 points = $10

500 points = $25

1000 points = $60

Refer a friend and we'll send them a 15% coupon (first time customers only). We'll send you a 15% coupon when they make a purchase.

Make sure you're signed into your account and you'll be able to apply GCE Rewards to your online order at checkout as a discount code. (Only one code can be used per transaction). Provide your account details to our associate in-store to access your rewards.

GCE Rewards can't be combined with other discount codes. Your points never expire so you'll be able to redeem them another time

Yes! When you redeem points, the discount will be taken off the entire order


When shopping in-store, make sure to provide your account details to our team to collect and redeem.

We've transferred existing customers and points and from our previous loyalty program to our the new GCE Rewards program. Please be patient with us as we work out all the details : )