Rustic Fern Pillar

Rustic Fern Pillar

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Fiddleheads and ferns dance around this natural beeswax candle. 

Beeswax is both sustainable and protects biodiversity; a natural, renewable resource, sourced from apiaries throughout British Columbia and Alberta. The colour of the wax changes season to season, depending on what flowers the bees gather pollen and nectar from - to feed the hive. As the bees move from flower to flower they pollinate our planet.

Beeswax candles are a treasured gift of aroma, form, and an indulgent, intimate light.

Trim the wick after each burn to a quarter of an inch, slightly longer for tapered candles.

As the candle burns down, gently thumb in the melted wax inwards, to contain the wax pool.

To extinguish, smartly press the wick into the wax pool. This will not only ensure the absence of smoke but will re-coat the wick for the next lighting.

  • Made with Pure Canadian Beeswax and cotton wick.
  • Approx. burning time 50+ hours 
  • (Dimensions 16cm x 6cm x 6cm)